Espresso • 1 Gallon / Case of 10 Packs

  • The Espresso Profile in 1 Gallon Case of 10 packs.

    • Total of 10 packs.
    • Each pack contains 12 sticks that make 1 gallon each = 12 gallons box.
    • Packaging displays the picture of a 1 gallon water jug to help understanding use.
    • Weight = 0.75 lb/0.35 kg
    • Size = 11.5x2x3.75"
    • NOTE: Please email if you are ordering 50 or more cases.

  • The Espresso Profile.

    • The Espresso Profile was created to meet the later SCA water requirements while simultaneously protecting espresso machine boilers. Contains ~80 TDS/kH of alkalinity and 150 TDS (total dissolvable solids).
    • Some key uses for the Espresso Profile include: Espresso Machines, Super-automatics, Batch Brewers, and Pour Overs.
    • All minerals contain permanent hardness and help protect your coffee brewing equipment. Permanent hardness is included in total hardness.
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